Training Accreditation

Course Accreditation and Qualification Development

We invite working professionals and trainers to get their courses accredited by LAPT and convert their professional expertise into professional certification. The qualification certificate is jointly awarded and can grow with the LAPT network of accredited training academies.

You should be a subject matter expert in your industry. The courses you offer should have a clear career progression and route. The certified learners should be offered career guidelines on getting placed in that industry.

Who can apply for LAPT Accreditation 

1. Any single applicant,

2. Team of professionals or

3. Any training academy

4. Software or IT development company

5. Any business that wants to establish a global qualification framework

can apply for course accreditation.


1. Submit course description, industry and profile of the applicant (Team, academy, company etc)

2. If we agree on providing accreditation services to your courses we send you a written confirmation with a non-disclosure agreement.

3. You need to sign NDA and we send you an accreditation and validation service agreement with all financial terms.

4. The Training provider submit the course syllabus, teaching methodology, training content resources and exam model

5. LAPT Technical committee will audit and evaluate the course.

6. Upon approval by the LACE Board members, LAPT will approve and recognize the course provided by the training provider.

7. The Certification shall be listed under LAPT Academies and we can now start delivering the course through LAPT Certified Trainers and academies


1. Examination- If the skill can be assessed by a multiple-choice/written based quiz, learners shall qualify the minimum required marks.

2. Assessments- Video-based assessments or live online assessments shall be conducted if the skills cannot be measured through multiple choice/written questions.


Learners shall be awarded the following qualification based on the duration and assessments of the course-

Certificate Level- Any course of up to 30 hours duration

Advanced Certificate Level- Above 30 hours to 60 hours

Diploma Level- ABove 60 hours to 100 hours

Advanced Diploma Level - Above 100 Hours

Minimum Qualification Requirements

1. No minimum qualification requirement for certificate and advanced certificate

2. Minimum 10th grade for Diploma Level Courses

3. Minimum 12th Grade for Advanced Diploma Courses